Message to Chaos troops.

Hey Chaos. This is probably not going to be a “small message” but still… a little update.
A few of you may know this already, but few days ago Chaos chat was “taken over” by Belal and then the next day (Wednesday) he deleted our site. He’s been set on killing us ever since he got fired for disrespecting Sapper. He’s to be banned forever on Chaos chat. I know a few people in Chaos were helping him (and I know who so don’t even try and lie.. also I’m not going to say who) and I understand that those people hate what Chaos has become. But it’s not going to get any better if the only thing you do is try to kill us. If you want Chaos to be like it once was, then help. We’re dying and if you really cared about this army (one of you probably don’t) then you wouldn’t be doing shit like this.
~Random people in Chaos that are simply reading this to find out why chat was reset… you can stop reading now if you like. Others, keep reading~
So I’m going to finish this slightly long post by some change I want to see in this army. Before we can grow, we need to change a few things. This is probably going to sound a bit childish, but I don’t really care right now. I need you all to apologize to each other. Knowing most you “lovely” people in this army, you’re probably reading this and laughing at me thinking “lmao this bitch is stupid”. But I’m not kidding. It’s like this nonstop hate going on between two or more people that could easily be fixed if you all stopped worrying so much about your ego. You’re not going to seem weak if you simply apologized. Holding a grudge like that just makes you look stupid. Hopefully, I can somehow convince at least one person to apologize to another. We all need to change a few things about ourselves. After these apologies, I’m hoping that Chaos can once again be the welcoming army we once were and we can start growing again with more events and everything.
Pretty sure most of you didn’t read that post… But if you did, seriously think about that last paragraph. Most of the people that currently hate each other used to be good friends. And though you will never admit it to anyone else, you know you miss being friends with the “old” them. There’s still a chance of having that friendship again if you all simply apologized… These grudges are going to kill Chaos if they’re not fixed soon.

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