The New Chaos Army schedule.

Hey Chaos,
Today I will be presenting the new Chaos Army schedule. since school is officially about to start for everyone we will have a new schedule for our events. I will be way more un-active this school year which may or may not bring me to a retirement. If it doesn’t good, if it does you guys are going to have to do something to survive. Well lets talk about our schedule.

For the USA time zones:

We will mostly have weekend events, some Friday, and some mid week events.

For Uk and Asia side time zones:

We will have some Uk events on Saturday and Sunday. If we can get a good Uk leader most likely Dom. He will plan Uk Events in the week if he does it will probably be the same schedule like USA but in Uk/Asia times.

Comment if you think this is a good schedule for Chaos. 😉

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