We "Lost"

Hey Chaos.
Today we had our tournament battle, we faced Pirates. We maxed a terrible 7, but pirates maxed even worse, 5. Our tactics were superior to the pirates and so was our consistency. But that’s where I’m “wrong”. According to Dae Pirates won. I thought he was joking, I’d already told the troops we’d won I was that confident. Even Bepboy, CPAC VP, and temp CEO admitted we won. But no, Stephanie, Adro ,BeLal and Dae are always right. Sorry guys. That’s another thing. How bias is it that we have 2 people that hate chaos judging. This is an outrage, Chaos shall no longer compete in SMAC tournaments, as I don’t want my troops exposed to such mental retardation.http://prntscr.com/1n76g4

1 thought on “We "Lost"

  1. Lol. You were too confident, last morning you were like “Good luck”. I’m sad you lost though. Waterkid fired me on Pirates for unfair reasons, so I wanted you to win. I won’t worry, I’m sure Pirates will lose in the semi’s, if not, the finals. DEFINETELY!

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