Leader AGAIN

Hello All Chaos army I am back as leader
I Am Very happy to be back in chaos and i will get this army 1st on Smac again and in Cpac I will get this army atleast in the top 5. We will stop at nothing and take out every army in our way because no one can stop the chaos army and we will strike again. We are back and know we will get in cpac top 5 But to do that we will need to recruit and recruit and recruit until every member on monchocho,riffy88 or any other Club Penguin tracking chat.
Since we got hacked twice we have been losing troops. This time we need to get TWICE as many troops that we had before we got hacked.We can only do that if we work hard and recruit together and if we do that we can get 1st on Club Penguin Army Central Top 10. We will get 1st on cpac top 10 but we need to work hard and recruit. We need to recruit before a event after a event and sometimes maybe in a event.
So we gotta work hard and recruit together to get 1st on Club Penguin Army Central Top 10. We also need goals we need to get atleast 20+ in each event and we need to recruit before events and after events We need to be active even if that day there is no event. We still gotta show up everyday atleast 30 mins -2 hours.
See One of you wants to be chaos leader and if i gave you chaos leader you would start being active but you wouldn’t know what to do because you were inactive didn’t know how to recruit correctly and you didn’t know how to leader. See if your in chaos and comment on that join page I expect you to be on for atleast 30 mins- 2 hours if you can’t do that then quit or don’t join.
If you read all of this thank you for reading this and have a really good day and see you on chaos chat

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