Le Retirement

Hello Pig Fuckers And Horse Cock Suckers And Normal People, read on for the shit u do and don’t care about.

If You continued to read this you probably are gonna scroll to the bottom and look for your name. Well, I’m not gonna post about my army experience because that’s the shit no one gives a fuck about.
Alright, the reasons I have retired are: I just don’t have much time for armies, armies are boring af lately, and armies are kinda pointless if you think bout it.
I also want to state that i was a 3 time leader of Chaos, which is pretty damn loyal considering I got demoted all three times.
Alright here’s your good shit
Dae– You recruited me to armies way over a year ago, and we have been really good friends since that, thanks for always being there for me bro
Orange– We met at acptr and we have been good friends since then, I’m sorry for being a dick to you sometimes, and I think you recruited me to chaos, but eh idk
Sapper– Another really good friend, and an amazing leader, you were usually always on my side and you are a really cool person, I wanna thank you for letting me be leader 3 fucking times man, you are an awesome dude.
Meow– My pimp! We have known each other for a long time, and I have always respected you, thanks for all the stuff you did for me man.
Unknown– Stay Sexy Baby, Stay Sexy.
Tigs– You are an amazing person and an amazing friend too, i wish you the best of luck in DW 🙂
Belal– Although you might have fucked up Chaos a little bit, you are still an awesome dude and a good friend, thanks for Pug Swat btw!
Mari– Damn Damn Damn, you have showed me some of them most funniest videos i have ever fucking seen, and you are pretty cool too.
Owl– You showed me some pretty sweet songs and I wanna say thanks for that. You have also always been nice to me even when im being a dick to you, and you always encouraged me not to quit Chaos, thanks for that, but my time is now.
Domz– I have always respected you, even though you got me demoted twice i think,  but it was probably for the best, Anyway good luck in RPF
Glitch– You are one of the most coolest dudes I ever met.
Epic– You are the fucking insult master.
Kandy– I have been told I made you quit Chaos because of my actions, I am deeply sorry, and I hope that you might return someday, because you a very good troop
For those of you that aren’t on here, I either don’t know you that much, forgot about you, or i dont give a shit about you
I will be on chat sometimes, but I am not going to be an advisor, and I haven’t decided if I should retire from ACP or not.
I might return next summer, but it is unlikely.
This is DMC, 3 time Chaos leader, signing off for the last time(or maybe not?)

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