Yes, we're still alive

Hey Chaos. I feel this post is needed right now, since we’re going through a really big fall…

For the past few weeks we’ve been struggling to stay in SMAC. This week (even though we had an event and maxed 8), we didn’t get into SMAC again. People are starting to believe we’re dead. I’ve gotten multiple requests from people asking if I would merge Chaos. Troops have been asking me why Chaos is dying and I always say “i don’t know” or something along those lines. But the real reason is because troops are lazy. Most of you don’t want Chaos to die but you’re not doing anything about it. I’m sick of it. From now on we get serious. And this isn’t going to be one of those posts that people read and forget about the next day. I want every troop to read this post and see what is expected of them. If they fail to meet the expectations, a demotion is possible.

  • Must come on at least 5 times a week
  • Always be on chat when they are on xat, even if the chat is dead when they come
  • Recruit whenever told
  • Attend at least two events per week (unless they are excused)


  • Always be on chat when on xat
  • Recruit when asked
  • Attend at least one event per week


  • Always be on chat when on xat
  • Attend at least one event per week

For a few of those, there will be 3 warnings for each person before they get demoted. We will be having an event almost every day, but they will not be scheduled. Right now we’ll keep them all unscheduled so we can all find out what days and what times we’re strongest. That’s it for now!
*Leaders, feel free to add onto the requirements.*

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