Active Count +New Leader

Hello CHAOS! Yes,this is my 1st time posting and it  won’t be my last. My name Is Crazy. I’ve led armies such as the likes of S.W.A.T and DW and also some medium armies. Over the last few while Chaos has struggled a  bit. They deserve better. So, here I am your new leader. We’ve already made progress getting 11 yesterday so great job! I’m going to make an active count so we know who is in the army.




How active will you get?

Are you prepared to make some Chaos?

That’s about it I hope to be seeing a lot of new names over the next few days!

18 thoughts on “Active Count +New Leader

  1. 1.Harmony
    3.I’m on 24/7.
    4.Why do I need to be more active if I’m on almost every second of my free time?;D

  2. 1.Mariela
    3.I DONT KNOW THAT IS UP TO YOU GUYS,oh and if I am not on,either my brother is here or im sleeping…or school
    4.Well ill try to get on as much as possible
    5.OH PLEASE,I LIKE FREAKING GRABBED AND YANKED A GIRLS HAIR BEFORE,im kidding im not that mean,if I ever did I would apologize…
    I really don’t see if this will get moderation or not ._.

  3. Name: wyoskyguy
    Rank: 3ic
    Activeness: idk
    How active will you get? more active
    Are you prepared to make some Chaos? no
    i cant be assed to remove spacing. next time don’t use spacing to center lol

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