PB with RF Results

Hey Chaos! We had our PB against RF today and even though we lost, I’m happy with the results. We maxed 12, which is the best we’ve gotten this week so far. Unfortunately, I only got like 3 pictures because LightShot was being stupid and wouldn’t load more than half the pics I took. Anyway, here are the three:     (READ THE VERY END OF THE POST FOR SOME… NEWS… 🙂 )

Towards the very end of the event, we started losing size and it became obvious that we were going to lose. So Crazy decided to have some fun. He believed that the record for the longest J bomb was 3 minutes and 59 seconds and Chaos did the J bomb for 4 minutes straight. And then he told everyone to go to a different room (a few people on berg, forts and plaza) to confuse RF. The event ended like that.
Well good job, I guess!

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