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Hey, Chaos. I forgot to post this, but yes, I am the new 2ic. But since Owlcity will be temp retired for 2 weeks, I have taken her place, and now I am taking her place until she gets back. Below will be a recruiting guide for you, Chaos. I hope this will help you.

Twitter Recruiting is a big part of recruiting, the reason for this is because if you have many followers and they play Club Penguin, you should definitely try to recruit your followers, even your friends. Twitter Recruiting is VERY easy if you have a lot of Club Penguin followers. If you have these things, please do so. It would get you closer to a promo and help us rise to CPAC.

Chat recruiting is also an easy one, but a hard one at the same time. The best time to recruit on Riffy, Monchocho and more recruiting chats is during recruiting season, A.K.A. the time where mascots come on Club Penguin. So in these times, always get the people who are not registered and are guests/members. The reason for this is because registered people that are guests/members usually can take pictures. You guys should be smart enough to know why you shouldn’t try to recruit mods/owners on recruiting chats :P. If you want to chat recruit, there is a technique I recommend you use. I will tell you that technique now. You must always talk to them for a little. First make sure they are not afk after you say “Hello” to them. If they reply, make sure to ask them if they play Club Penguin. If they say “yes” then you should ask them if you want to join the Chaos army of Club Penguin.. For example, “Would you like to join the Chaos army of Club Penguin?” If they say yes, then give them the chat link (xat.com/CPChaosArmy) and say “You will have a fun there, we are a cool and fun army and you will not regret being in this wonderful army.”

Club Penguin recruiting, probably the longest and hardest way of recruiting besides Chat recruiting. If you want to recruit on Club Penguin, you must have the color purple at least, then you say “look up” then “chaos of cp.” There is another one you can use, this one you can use as well: “CHAOS,” then “ARMY.” These 2 are the main ones that Chaos uses, and we should always use those techniques, unless someone makes a good one like these :P. But, you can combine those 2 into one if you would like.

This is my recruiting techniques, that is why I gave it to you.

I wish to bring Chaos to CPAC, or at least close to CPAC while Owlcity is gone, thank you for your time.

~Whats Up11, Chaos Temp Leader

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