My last post

Hello Chaos,
I just noticed that you guys couped me it really hurt my feelings when you did it today it was baisicly a back stab because you guys were joking about it yesterday even though we had some good times and bad times its really been a blast through about 1 and a half years with you guys i know you guys will probably do better without me and i hope you do I probably was holding you guys back from a lot of acomplishments we could of had but i guess that’s about all I have to say I’m not going to thank anyone because i knew all of you guys hated me. Now i present some songs that represent what I’m feeling good luck Chaos i hope you guys acomplish much without me.

If you took you’re time to listen to these songs thank you very much and good luck on you’re journey with Chaos Owl, Unk, and Whats up. Now you may which i doubt you will wish me luck on my journey in my lifetime good bye Chaos.

6 thoughts on “My last post

  1. bye sapper. nice knowing you and honestly you could be a really good leader when you tried. good luck in life.
    also you had a script song!!! o:

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