Halloween Night With Gator!!!

Well it’s 7:22pmEST inside the house. I’m bored and nobody is on chat. So I guess I’ll post this sometime, cause I’m very bored. I also stole some candy from the candy bowl for the trick or treaters.
7:24pmEST: Somebody answered my question if i was only one NOT trick or treating:
Thanks DMC *wary*.
7:27pmEST: Well I’m back and got more candy, somebody came to my house and disrupted my dog. Well that’s all on my bored post. I may edit throughout the night. I don’t know.
7:40pmEST: I found this random army chat called miners of cp. STILL EATING CANDY FROM CANDY BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!! And DMC left a while ago so I’m alone agian.
7:50pmEST: Our candy bowl ran out of candy. I took out 20 pieces of candy maybe 50 I don’t remember. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
7:55EST: I went to chaos relax chat:

8:00pmEST: Guy says I should give him pass to chaos chat. Hes hilarious!!!!!!:

8:10pmEST: WhatsUp11 comes back to chat. Thus concluding this night of Halloween with meh. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!
8:32pmEST: By the way, that austin guy was made guest by unk, then whats up11 and unk are fighting over if he should be number 1 in Noob Hall of Fame.
9:57pmCST: Sapper secretly edits this post as so does orange *shifty*
November 1st
9:54amEST: *wary*

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