Status on Me

Hello Chaos, Glitch speaking here. Leaders, if you’re curious about why i’m inactive is because of SCHOOL. Grades are droppin’ down on me, and the more low it gets, the more inactive i get. Im just a serene 3ic guy, And to all the haters of me, stop glowin’ and showin’ to be somebody that people should know.After all the crap i’ve been through, ive been suffering from mental illness for at least 3 days. Like i said, Im just a typical guy.This army is just a tyrannic army. I remember in the old days it was just events-chat-events. But ever since leaders have been retiring, the army has been falling apart alot. Im worried about this damn army, fights are always starting when i come to the chat, next thing you know we’re dead and a simple poof, we’re gone forever. (well possibly) A summary of this: Stop the bullshit,Im inactive, GLITCH OUT

“You kick the wall and say “its just not fair!”


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