Gator Leaving Chaos Army

My resignation:
Hello Chaos,
I know, I hate to leave Chaos. I have builded a relationship here. I went from mod to leader, joined in April 2013. I became leader in October 2013. The reason why I’m leaving is because I want to concentrate on bigger armies now. Armies that are in CPAC top ten every week. I have been in DW for a little bit and I want o get higher, as I am currently 4ic. I started out in bigger armies and later found out about smaller armies. I went from ACP private, to Shadow Raiders 3ic, to Patriots Leader, then retired but came back, and now Chaos Leader. I hope I one day earn DW Leader, I do want to end my career in a big army. I hope Chaos is prosperous in years to come, though you guys are slowing down. I hope you keep up the work. I don’t want to see Chaos die. It would be awesome if you guys became bigger. I will always remember the army that got me back on my feet. I have much expirience now all cause of Chaos. Now, don’t coup Sapper again. It will probally definitely bring the downfall of Chaos. I also say this, Leaders must become more active.
People I know In Chaos:
Sapper: Awesome leader and ultimate creator of Chaos Army *bows*.
Orange: My oldest friend here, you helped me get into Chaos, we are the last of the original five, who were: Epicblueswat, Hawkeye, Cademan12, Orange, and meh.
DMC: Man, we have had our ups and downs, but I respect you. You also told me you are leaving Chaos too so, farewell.
Sammi: *Awkward Pause* Continue to be more active, you could get LIT, from LIT i expect the leaders to train you.
Owl: TREE KANGAROO FTW!!!!!!! You! Yea you! You did help me get into Chaos along with Orange. You helped me get leader. But we had many argues, so you are my frenemy.
Uncle Unk: UNK!!!!!!!! MY MAN!!!!!! How’s the cookie business? Great? Wonderful!!!!! You keep me entertained. Keep it up.Also you are an amazing leader.
Epicface: Funny stuff. But become more active, I feel like I’m losing you.
Glitch: I wish i knew you more, and I wish you were more active, but after your last post I understand.
So long Chaos


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