Retirement of Owl

Hey Chaos. Yes, you read the title right. It’s time for me to retire.

First things first. Why? Because I’m kinda tired of leading. Don’t get me wrong- I love it but it is hard work and as many of you have noticed, I’ve been getting really lazy lately. Most of you know that I said I’d retire during winter break but something happened last night that convinced me it’s time to retire now. I’m leaving Chaos with 4 other leaders that I know will do everything they can to help Chaos grow again (even though Gator is probably retiring, too).
I’ve been in Chaos for exactly a year now and this is obviously my favorite army. I joined for 5ic and became a good leader (not the best, but hey I made into Chaos legends!)  Chaos is mostly a hated army in the community, but it’s nothing like what people say. We do have arguments/fights A LOT, but we’re also like a family. I’ve made a lot of friends here and a few… frenemies (I’d rather not say enemies because I don’t completely hate any of you).
I’m still going to be on xat and I probably will end up logging on for a few events, but I’m not planning on officially rejoining. This is probably not my last post since I have this feeling that for at least one event, a lazy leader will ask me to post…
ANYWAY… Here’s a “simple” list of people in Chaos that I thank:
Sapper: Obviously you’re going to be first since you created this army. You’re a good leader, just don’t demote everyone that says something bad about you…
Orange: You’re the one that I first followed to Chaos chat and have become my biggest frenemie… You’ve taught me pretty much everything I know about army history though, so thanks. (i shall hate you forever)
Uncle Unk: You’re an awesome leader that does an amazing job with keeping troops entertained. Keep your cookie shop going!
Hershay: We created Sun Squad together and I that’s where we became better friends. I really appreciate that you’re helping out Chaos and thank you so much for being an awesome advisor!
DMC: You probably hate me for multiple reasons, but when you’re not being a complete perv, it’s fun talking to you. (i don’t even know if you’ll read this any time soon)
Whatsup11 (Unicorn): I don’t really know what to say… Uhhhh… be a good leader whenever you get it? *wary*
Glitch: Me and you used to always compete for ranks. Once I got leader, you went inactive. Be active again and get the rank you deserve!
Sammi: Keep working hard and don’t let the mean peoples bring you down (:
Harmony: Thanks for trying to be active even though I know you can’t at times<3
Caius: PLEASE stop being so negative.. You’ll make an amazing leader some day.
Cubcola: I’m not bald yet 😛 And you’ll get your 3ic soon; just keep working for it
Jack: You’re an awesome mod, just a bit inactiveeeee…
AAAAAAAAND best for last…
EpicFace: The best thing that came out of Chaos was meeting you and I honestly feel like I wouldn’t have stayed here longer than I have if it wasn’t for you. The only thing I can ask of you is to try to at least come to the weekend events. I love you (:
That’s it Chaos! Byebye (:

7 thoughts on “Retirement of Owl

  1. All these youngsters leaving the army hmmph. Alright seriousness now, I’ll miss you! I’ll try to stop being negative, but in response to you retiring *shoots self*

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