Piss On The Floor

Good evening Chaos. I, Sinister, AKA Shadow, will now be retiring again. My reasons are
1. Owl and Gator left, who else could I piss off now?
2. FINALLY got myself an Xbox 360
3. Hell, I haven’t attended an event for at least 3 months
4. My career as a potato-out-of-ass producer requires a lot of time
Now for the part you are looking at this for.
Whenever someone says “test” swiftly say “icles” to make the word testicles. Pretty sweet huh?
Oh you weren’t looking for that? Oh I know what you want then, this shit.
Not that either? I suppose you want the mentioning shit. Well here you go order number 69.
Sapper- Pot is in potatoes, so I am a legit druggy man. Enjoy leading Chaos again bro.
Owl- It’s fun pissing you off, and fun talking to you as well.
Unk- You are such a sir now, it’s sexy man.
Mari- Its fun watching vines and listening to eminem with you. You’re a really cool person.
Orange- Potato dude, simply potato.
Gator- I like pissing you off, but you are also a really cool dude.
These are my LEGIT friends who have made my chaos experience much much more enjoyable. If you aren’t listed, don’t feel bad, feel rad.
Adios Chaos, I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
~Sinister AKA Shadow

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