Sapper Edit: Mayhem Site has been made: http://chaosarmymayhem.wordpress.com/
Orange Edit: Riot Site has been created!: http://chaosarmyriotdivision.wordpress.com/
Hey Chaos
Today is the day we settle Divisions. Some of you some don’t know what division you’re in, But you will find that out after you’re done reading this post! Right now I’m going to talk about what these divisions are for. The divisions are mainly for Practice Battling each other, Recruiting, Learning to do better tactics, and for the fun. Hopingly this will make Chaos larger,Have perfect tactics, and bring fun and peace to the army as well. Chats, Websites, and Uniforms will be added soon to the divisions. If you do not know you’re division just read on to it

Unknown[CooloRange], Orange[CaptainOrange]

 Sapper[SapperMedic], Whatsup11[Whatsup11]

(Maximum 4)


Brendan[BigMan], Caius[RedBlake]


Mariela[Lupe], Smashmac[Smashmac]




 Jamman[Jamman], Sammi[SamTheGirl45],

Orly[Orly], Junie[Junie17125]

(UK) Pyjamas Jr

Jack [Son Nav], RedDude[Reddude5789]


Mondo[King Mondo], Pepper[Perry8888]



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