Spark is Almost Out

Hello Chaos

Recent;y we’ve been falling because of the new army, SS. So many troops are leaving for that army. I regret cancelling the invasion, but this post isn’t suppose to be about SS. It’s suppose to be for Chaos.

This time last year, we just finished our war with Fusion. This time last year we were gaining size. This time last year, we enter an age nobody expected. Fast forward on year, and it’s the complete. I’m not gonna lie, we are falling Dying. So many troops are fighting, some for even the dumbest of the reasons. I know we can stop this by killing SS, but that is pointless right now. They aren’t bigger, but right now they are more confident.

I know that Chaos would die someday, but I never thought it would be like this. The reopening of SS has take a bigger hit then I’d imagine. I wanted Chaos to live up to the point of Cpnext but that is most likely not gonna happen. This is the smallest Chaos has been since the Romans war. What sucks is, we are getting even smaller.

If chaos will die, the date I want it to be it to be 1/06/14.  Also known as, one year after our first CPAC top ten. That was also my first week is a leader. If we are maxing less that 8 by that date,  then Chaos might shut down. It’s the last thing I wanted to happen, but it might.


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