Promos/Demos of December

Hey Chaos
Promos are here first promo in a while lol. Don’t be mad or sad if you got demoted, just keep working. We are now gonna take promos seriously so if get promoted you know what to do. Come to events, still be active, Recruit Most important one. And be repsectful to other troops. off to Promotions/Demotions Red=Demotion  Blue=Promotion

Unknown[CooloRange], Orange[CaptainOrange]

 Sapper[SapperMedic], Whatsup11[Whatsup11]

(Maximum 4)


Brendan[BigMan], Caius[RedBlake], Madhav[Madhav 2]


(UK 3ic) Pyjamas Jr, Wyoskyguy, Glitch,

(UK)Cubcola[CubCola], Mariela[Lupe], EpicFace, Orly


(UK) Jamman[Jamman], Pyjamas JR (UK)


 Miz/Y2J, 32op, Jack[Son Nav]

RedDude[Reddude5789], SuperNavan



 Carson4, 2001Viper, Alexa



Spi, Hot Pink, Hershay

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