Trip Down Memory Lane

Hey Chaos! See… I was right. My retirement post wasn’t my last post on this site :P
Anyway the reason I’m posting again is not because I’m returning (sorry to the people that actually care), but because I found a bunch of old pics from one of our old sites that got deleted. Sapper and I were looking at cached versions of sites and I came across a lot of our old and amazing pictures. After looking at these pics going from maxing 7 and 8 to maxing 18…. I felt the need to make a post.
*For the following pics, click to enlarge*
As many of you know, I was in Chaos for a year. I watched as the sizes grow and decline and grow again. Here’s what Chaos was like a little less than a year ago (January, 2013):

I remember Chaos at this time. We were weak and our sizes weren’t getting any better. Every day I felt like Chaos was going to die and I could see that as hard as the leaders were trying… They were giving up hope, too. Dae/Master, leader at the time, made a post:
Look Guys, I know that you are really pissed off about all our events and chaotic situation during our battles and events. I want you to learn this, it is not your fault. It is how our modern society acts upon us today. You might have seen us fall. It is not your fault. It is the fact that new troops do not have enough experience to do tactics and formations…… It is not your fault. The fact that some troops (not all of them) decide to sit their ass off during events and don’t give a crap about an event…… I know that we all have armies to go to events to and want to live our lives off the computer, but the only thing I’m asking for is to go to events that have next to the title of the event. You guys are a great team, young, courageous, and independent, with friendship, and strong. You guys never give up, and I am proud of that. Now, as I said earlier, we have some rebuilding to do, so I have assigned a list of our rebuilding list. Recruit, alot. I would like to have at least 15+ on chat before events……. Guys, we’ve been downhill before……. Please try to understand that we are not mad at you guys, and you guys are part of this team, and without you guys, we would be dead.
(Obviously I shortened it because it was way too long. If you want to read the actual post… Well just find me and I’ll give it to you)
ANYWAY… Things have changed since then, but Chaos is still a team. A team that needs to work together if this army is to grow again. As Dae said in that post, we’ve been downhill before!!! Wanna know what happened after that terrible fall? Here are the pics:

Pretty much every person on chat was on CP. That’s amazing, and I know that Chaos can do that again!
And then came… One of the greatest events for Chaos:

If I remember correctly, it was a Sunday morning around 11 AM… I remember this because I came on chat right after event ended and got yelled at by Sapper and Orange… Yup that’s right. Me loving my sleep will never change.
Later that day… Dae declared the following:

Well… The point of this post was to prove to you people that Chaos has fallen badly before. But the thing I admire about this army is that no matter what, there’s always those few people that don’t want to give up. That handful of people that will still try to fix Chaos. Sure they might not be doing it now, but soon… Dae was wrong in his post. Chaos isn’t a team… It’s a family.
Some little side notes:

  • I do have a lot more pics so leaders: if you want to see more of the pics, I’ll be more than happy to give them to you.
  • For those of you sitting here staring at your computer screen like “HOLY CRAP SHE STILL CARES????” Yes…. I do still care about Chaos. No, I’m not going to return, but I don’t want to see it die like this
  • strawberries are good (:

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