Event Gone Wrong||Walk in the Park

Hello Chaos,
Today the event went worse than I thought it would be and frankly I am not upset because of it. However two consecutive events like this is horrible, we can not keep this size up or we will never grow. Today we maxed a stunning size of 5(sarcasm intended) and just to top it off 3/5 people did the tactics meaning only 60% did the tactics, how disappointing. Here are the pics.

I think its time we take a walk in the park.

We have done what other small armies haven’t done. We have tied with Ice Warriors (A big 3 army) in the Legends Cup. We have survived more than a year and we have a family. Families which like all family’s needs trust, clemency, affection, and intimacy.  Chaos has neither and that is why we are falling. However we have survived mightier blows than this one but we cannot seem to regain our former sizes. Most people blame Owl for joining the Sun Squad army but what I saw between that hatred of Chaos and Sun Squad was that we were being assholes. We may have taken it too far causing troops to leave because they weren’t being appreciated. Now that goes no longer.
I have already stopped being an asshole (at least for the most part). Although I take blame for our fall it isn’t entirely the leaders fault.  A family only works when we they are united, when there’s trust. As Nelson Mandela said in his movie “Long Walk to Freedom” he says alone we are nothing but together we are strong.  I believe in what he says and it’s true we must work together once again to regain our former sizes. This 20th I go on winter break and trust me that’s when Chaos’ golden age will return. Let us make this last month the best month.  We have lived for almost a year and 6 months so why stop now? Why stop when we have made it so far? We will not die without a final fight, let’s make this happen. Chaos has never hit 26 and when we do I swear I’ll retire then.

Alone we are nothing but together we are strong!


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