Owner Evaluations

Owl Recruited: 1
Gator Recruited: 2
Brendan Recruited: 0
Caius Recruited: 0
Son Nav Recruited: 2
Mad Hav Recruited: 0
Hello Chaos
Today I represent OWNER EVALUATIONS. I bet most of you owners are already mad. That tells me you don’t deserve owner right? That’s what I thought, now lets move on to what important in this. You have 1 week starting on Saturday. You have to recruit 5 brand new troops it should be easier than you think. If you do not Succeed you will face the punishment of Demotion. That doesn’t mean, ” Oh Fuck you Sapper I was demoted because I couldn’t recruit 5 people now I quit!” . If you do that, that tells me you have no respect for me or the Chaos Army, so if you’re demoted you better not quit just re-work you’re way back up.

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