One Final Push

Hello Chaos,

Its time.


I never retired. I never left you guys entirely. This whole time I’ve been playing the role of some noob by the name of CookieChip. Yes thats right your everyday noob happens to be that great majestic peice of art you guys call Unk. My retirement was just a fake to see what Chaos would be like without me. And I was actually quite surprised by the results.

I found out the truth behind Madhav and several complaints from a various amount of people. My plan was to see if “Chaos” would happen while I was ‘Supposedly’ away which I wasnt. So because of this, just like how I planned, I am coming back one final last time it may not be as leader but I can guarantee you I will act if I am.

So yes I am coming back and I will try to fix some problems within the army before my retirement date which I believe will be Jan. 13

I am on winter break and I will make this break incredibly useful for Chaos. I have 3 weeks and I am going to make sure every week counts.

We will not fall. We will Rise.

Its Time.

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