Retirement of Orange

Many of you heard rumors and other shiz about me saying I am retiring. Well those are all true.
The reason I am retiring is that I have been in chaos for simply to long. I think it is time for me to find a new army. Actually I already did find a new army but I won’t mention it in this post, just pc me on chat if you want to know.
I promised I wouldn’t return after my 3rd time leading, but I some how found myself back in this army. Well I now know as a fact this will be my LAST time.  I will just be an advisor for this army.  So now it’s the time for the part of the post you guys are here for:
Sapper: You are the reason we are all here. Even they you can get all angry, you will still be an amazing leader.
DMC: When you returned from you weird leave, I got all happy. Hope you do good leading this army again
Gator: Same thing with DMC, I never thought you’d return, but you did. Hopefully you can turn itno a better leader because you have potential.
Sky: Even though you haven’t been in Chaos much, you are by far one of the most funniest troops ever.
Owl: To be honest I thought you’s be a terrible leader but you turned out pretty well.
Dom: You’re a good leader an all but you keep leaving and doing out shiz.
Sammi: You can be annoying but you are loyal (When you don’t join Shit Squad)
Mari: You can be a douche some times but still funny.
Cauis: You are funny, even though you hate like every girl in chaos.
Brendan: You are my basketball bitch
Glitch: You would have been a great leader if you were more active.
Lemon: You are funny and mean at the same time.
Kandy: _____________________
Rose: You can be funny and clueless
Epic: Even though you took my name, you are still funny
Unk: You are funny and a good leader
Harmony: You’re a funny bitch
And every other chaos troop.
Chaos has been a wild ride, but to bad it’s over for me. I will miss every troop that has been loyal. The Chaos is here
Le what I want
Remain Admin on site
Remain Main on chat until the next leader retires
Have either DMC promoted to leader or just keep the current leadership
Lead one more event
Well yeah that’s all. Stay purple.

~Epicorange1, aka orange, 3rd best chaos leader.

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