Final Retirement

Good evening Chaos troop,
The title explains what this post is all about, and I’ll be succinct in this post. Yes, I joined about a month ago as a leader to help out in the best way possible, and I’m glad that I could provide a little service, but I’m not leadership material and I’m done. There are a few reasons as of why I’m retiring, but I won’t go into detail. There are simply things you guys should not know, and it’s for the best.
I was happy to have gotten the chance to be leader, and I’m happy to have spent the time with you guys at Chaos. You were all great, and I wish you all the best of luck in this war, whether you win or lose. You’ll at least get experience out of it. Just try not to slack off like the other week. That was our worse week, but we’ve managed to make it up.
And before I go, I’d like to make a shout out to Cr. Kid, you’ve got potential to be a leader, so dream big and work hard. You may be rather annoying at times, and in a funny way, but everyone knows you have the spirit. Apply that to life as well, and things will start looking good for you.


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