Invasion of Ice Berg RESULTS

Hey Chaos! Today we had a UK invasion of Ice Berg (we logged onto Klondike since Ice Berg is a 5 bar server). Chaos maxed 14 and averaged 13. Our tactics were terrible for the first 5 minutes, but then we started doing better. RF is being stubborn (what a surprise) and refuses to admit defeat. They keep making BS accusations like Chaos multilogging, us not having consistent sizes, late recruiting, and logging off early. For the multilogging, there is no proof of us multilogging and I have no reason to believe my troops would ever do this. Our sizes weren’t consistent only in the beginning, but then (as you can see by the pics) we were doing better. We were not late recruiting; we had a full chat 10 minutes before event. We didn’t log off early. We logged off at :57 because Sky and Blaze agreed to make each of these events 20 minutes long, so technically, we stayed on 7 minutes extra.
Anyway… Onto the pictures:

Good job to everyone that came

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