Summary of the Week!

Hello Chaos & News Media!

Number of Events: 7

Average Size: 13

This week we fought in a war, completely.

Starting off on Monday, we had the Defense of Breeze & Bunny Hill.

The Defense of Breeze we maxed 15.

The Defense of Bunny Hill, RF ended the battle before it started and we did not log on.

On Tuesday, we had the Defense of Cream Soda and the Defense of Frosty.

The Defense of Cream Soda we maxed 12.

The Defense of Cream Soda we maxed 13.

On Thursday, Chaos had the invasion of Ice Berg and the invasion of Summit

The Invasion of Ice Berg we maxed 14.

The Invasion of Summit we maxed 7.

On Friday, Chaos had the Invasion of Snow Shoe.

The Invasion of Snow Shoe we maxed 14.

On Saturday, Chaos had the Invasion of Vanilla.

The Invasion of Vanilla we maxed 14.

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