Updates in Chaos

ONE MORE UPDATE… Ignore my last two paragraphs oops. RCP has decided to merge into Chaos and now Doctor Mine Turtle will be leading with me. 
Hey Chaos! As many of you already know, this week has been rather eventful for this army so I decided to make a short post to keep everyone up to date.

First off, after about a week and a half of war against RF, the Chaos and RF leaders decided to end the war. At the end, the score was 6-2-7, with RF in the lead. Although it seems like they had the upperhand in this war, Chaos had gained many RF servers while RF only managed to gain 2 Chaos servers. Here is the treaty that was made:

Ignore Orange’s typos…

Second major thing that happened was Chaos losing two of our leaders. Wyoskyguy retired on Thursday night and Orange retired Friday afternoon. Both of these leaders have done so much for Chaos and will always be thanked for that.
Along with Sky and Orange, Chaos lost two owners- Dan and Chain. Even though they weren’t super active and were only in Chaos for a short time, they will be missed.
Sky and Orange leaving Chaos has now made me the sole leader of Chaos. Although I do not like the idea of it, there are currently no owners that are ready for leader so I may have to be the only leader for a bit. I am trying my best searching for someone else that could lead Chaos, but it could take some time. I hope you all will be patient with me. I will try my hardest to train the current owners and hopefully find someone to take my place as leader. As some of you know, I retired few months back with no intention of returning. Obviously, things didn’t go as planned, but I do wish to go back to retirement soon. BUT OF COURSE… Chaos comes first.
All I can ask of you troops is to continue being amazing and loyal. Attend events and recruit as much as you can. Chaos isn’t going to die any time soon. I would never let it.

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