A legend stands, a Flame reignighted.

As of recent days, I decided to retire. But that was short lived. I was inactive for perhaps a month, but it seems I am back in the game. I will bring my former plans with me, but not a dictatorship. I will stay active as well. I promise this. Chaos once defeated LT with mine and Owl’s command. An army will not threaten us nor challenge us in anyway, shape, or form without getting their asses handed to them. But we can’t just expect using former methods that tired me and Owl into retiring. (Owl retired MONTHS ago…) Now with my best friend, Doctor Mine Turtle, and a great partner for leading, Owl, leading along side me… Chaos will flourish. Now let’s show CPA who Chaos really are, our potential and strength. Let’s aim for the top. Let’s get higher than others have. Prepare for the evolution.

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