Coup of Cr/My Return

Hello Chaos

Recently Cr has been appointed leader, but some of us former leaders do not approve of this.  I spoke earlier with anonymous legends and we agreed that he should not be leader. Here is why:

  • Too immature
  • Doesn’t have any prior experience leading
  • Counts on other leaders to do his work for him
  • Constantly cusses on chat
  • Can’t recruit

Cr was leader before and it didn’t go too well. That’s why he stepped down to 2ic. He was rushed into the leadership the first time and it is obvious that he was rushed into it again. He spends more time on tinychat than he does on Chaos chat. This is an outrage, and it shouldn’t be happening. Once he matures, he will be given leader again.
Chaos needs somebody else right now that can recruit and has former leading experience. Right now Chaos needs to rise, and we can’t have somebody like Cr leading. He will be holding us back. Chaos needs somebody else who knows how to lead and that can get Chaos back in CPAC top 10 shape.
So for now, I will be TEMPORARILY leading Chaos. This is to get us back into shape. While I am leading, I will try to find somebody capable of leading this amazing army. As for now, what we have to do is recruit every day. I want Chaos to be able to hit sizes of 15+ again by the beginning of summer. The golden era of Chaos is coming back.
I will be leading alongside Mine Turtle and Flame. I am looking forward to leading Chaos again. Hopefully, this time we will achieve our goal of getting top 5 on CPAC. It is time for Chaos to rise once again. It’s time for the new era of Chaos.

Orange  || Turtle || Flame

Here Comes Chaos

~Orange, Chaos Leader
(By the way, get ready for an upcoming war. Water Ninjas want to attack us because I returned. Be on the watch for anybody in the Water Ninjas. April Fools!)

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