Back to Retirement Island

Hey Chaos.
I know, I know… This is probably the worst time ever for me to retire. But as many of you might have noticed, the past few weeks I’ve been getting rather busy. Not only am I getting busy in real life, but I’ve also been lazy. When I last retired, I was dead serious about it. I returned to Chaos hoping that I had a little bit of motivation left in me to help pull this army back on its feet. Unfortunately, there was not much motivation found. I stayed in Chaos only because I knew it would die completely if I left. Although there is still that possibility, I just can’t do it anymore. CR was promoted back to leader yesterday and I’ll still be here as an advisor to help him and the other leaders. Good luck, Chaos. Never lose hope in yourselves <3


8 thoughts on “Back to Retirement Island

  1. This definitely needed to happen. Chaos needs to learn to survive without one of “the big 3” (Sapper, Orange, and Owl). I think Flame and the other leaders are capable if establishing a “new Chaos”.

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