I've Been A Bad Boy [Reason why I'm Inactive as Fuck]

Hey Chaos…
Honestly, you can tell I’ve not been an A+ leader for Chaos.  I haven’t been on in a while.  I can explain, and it’s your choice to support me however you please.  But here is why.  I was sick for a whopping ten days which destroyed my first week for leadership.  I came in pumped, but I literally drowned in homework this week.  I’ve been working my ass of trying to finish, and right when I finish missed work, guess what?  I HAVE TO DO THE WORK WE HAVE NOW.  The work finally ended Friday (yesterday), now I just have a few projects and a test to study for (that I missed).  I’m going to step up and not be a waste of time to Chaos.  I don’t want to be that guy that didn’t do shit, I want to be that guy that’s REMEMBERED.  Apologies Chaos, I have learned to manage my time better to balance social life, CP Armies, and life.  I’ll be on more now, promise.

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