Changes in Chaos Ownership

Hello Chaos.
There has been a change in Chaos’s ownership and leadership ranks! First, I will like to introduce to you our new leader- 123go!!! 123go has been in chaos for a while now. He is extremely loyal, mature(but very funny and cool), active, and a very nice kid to be friends with. I gave him leader because I felt he truly deserved it. Hell, I even wanted him 3ic before I did back when I was 4ic! That’s how much I like him. Also, Color and 123go will be put on trial for their leadership skills and such. Omega has been promoted to 2ic and Vlad, who is also very active and loyal to Chaos, has been promoted to 3ic. I will hope you can get along with all of these fine gentlemen and have some fun with them.


Doctor Mine Turtle || Cr

On trial: Flame || 123go

Lieutenant General

Ash || Omega



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