SMAP Tournament – A legendary battle for 2015

Hello Chaos. Today we had the SMAP tournament against the AF. We did great. We destroyed them however lost? This shall only be a day of the new Chaos. The Reformed Chaos. We shall become stronger than we have ever been. But we cannot without you. We maxed 20 and averaged 17.

Let us march victoriously as an army. As though SMAP says we lost, we truly won by perfoming a comeback. Along with us planning to make an even bigger comeback into Club Penguin Army Central. We are the Chaos Army, we are to be a Republic. We shall be the Chaos Republic.

Chaos Revolution Flag


2 thoughts on “SMAP Tournament – A legendary battle for 2015

  1. Honestly, no matter what, I am so proud of you all! I love you guys so much and what we did to today was truly amazing! I can’t even express how proud I am of you guys. Size was great, tactics were amazing, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. You guys are the best army ever and I will stay here with you all always.

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