Dear RF

I see Blaze is making a post on telling Chaos to back off

So why don’t I respond 😀

So maybe Chaos did declare war on RF because of Reacon, and what’s wrong with that? Chaos didn’t even start this war, it was Reacon who started it. Let’s get started.

Reacon has been making fun of Chaos troops and leaders for a very long time. He’s been mostly been making fun of our current leader, Cr, for over the last 6+ months. He also talked a lot of trash and disrespected Owl, Game, and Sky. He has also straight up made fun of Chaos. Making fun of Chaos troops is something we won’t tolerate and an apology won’t do any good. Chaos is a family, so making fun of one of us is making fun of all of us. Calling out the army itself is a problem, and we have decided to retaliate.

Secondly, ever since the last war, all Reacon has been doing is threatening Chaos. All he does is threaten war on Chaos so he can get his way. It gets pretty annoying when we kick him and he replies with “RF is declaring war”. The fact that he sits on Chaos chat talking shit about us 24/7 and then expects not be kicked or banned is pathetic. We couldn’t even stand up for ourselves because of the threats Reacon gave. He has also done this to other armies such as Water Ninjas. So when we do declare war, suddenly you don’t want it?

You are also blaming us on RF losing owners. That’s a very sad excuse because it’s not our fault. The owners that have quit, such as Ninjas and Troppy, have told us they quit because of Reacon. Reacon is causing your own troops to quit, yet you don’t see it? And then you’re blaming Chaos on it? I’m surprised you’re that blind, Blaze. I thought you would have noticed when Brad or B left a few weeks ago. So don’t be surprised when you continue to see more and more former RF soldiers wearing purple and supporting Chaos during this war.

RF is nothing compared to what it used to be, when the owners actually used to be respected by the leaders. I know that because I used to be an owner in RF myself. Current RF owners are beginning to realize how disrespectful and corrupt Reacon is. And yet, Blaze, you don’t do anything. Nobody can stand up to Reacon or share their opinions because everything has to go his way. Come on Blaze, you’re smarter than that.

So our reply is no, we won’t call off this war. This is a problem that RF started and Chaos is going to end it. We aren’t going to back down this time. We aren’t going to sign one of your fucked up treaties this time. Chaos has a reason to fight and that’s what we’re going to do. You can keep on begging us to call off our invasions, but Chaos won’t do that.  We will continue to invade until we get what we want. And Blaze, you know exactly what that is.

I hope you understand Blaze. You can get rid of your one internal problem now and Chaos will call off invasions. If not, we will continue, along with more RF soldiers that continue to quit. 


6 thoughts on “Dear RF

  1. Like I said, I don’t blame you or any armies for the hate on RF. I understand that Reacon is a huge dick and so does everyone in RF.
    I never said I WANTED these threats, wars, etc. These were all called off, because our leadership held Reacon back from going bat shit on these armies. It’s pretty self evident that all of RF’s problems leaking out on you guys were controlled, and can easily be done without declaring war on a crippling army. A simple suggestion;
    Taking servers won’t take Reacon away.
    If you really want what you want, for Reacon to be controlled and not be a huge dick, you can use words, not by fueling the fire.
    It’s pretty simple if you were to take time to look into RF-
    Redemption Force needs Reacon to live. It’s his leadership style is complete shit, which is what I’ve been trying to resolve this whole time. Continuing this war is a big waste of our time, and if you really want to play club penguin to try to solve the issue, then call a couple practice battles later.

    1. I get what you’re saying about Chaos declaring war only because of Reacon. But the thing is… He used RF to threaten us. Therefore, HE’S the one that brought RF into this. If he wanted to keep this between himself and Chaos… Why would he start threatening us with war? We don’t want to deal with him and his bullshit anymore but we can’t get rid of him if he keeps threatening our army with his own.

  2. Tbh everything you said Reacin did to Chaos and WN he did to SRA too. Does anyone notice how he likes to use RF to threaten SM Armies? Reacon needs to focus on CPAC and fixing his own army and stop getting everyone pissed bc one day its gonna bring RF to the ground, all bc of him.

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