A Call To Action [Bully-Free Movement]

Hey Chaos.
Sorry Chaos that I haven’t been on, I was swamped with homework on these two days back.  But this is my call to the CP Army Community, this may not be appropriate for Chaos site, but I just feel I need to get this out there.

Telling someone to kill themselves isn’t funny.

It isn’t cute.

It makes you look like a jerk.

Just don’t do it.  No wait.  I have an even better idea.

Don’t cyber bully.

Cyber bullying breaks a person down, especially since when online, you feel relentless with people you’ll never seen in real life.  It can make them contemplate suicide, depression, and more.  You don’t want to be the cause of that.  So, everyone, who’s reading, do the community a favor.

Compliment someone you just meant every day. 

It makes a person feel special.  It makes a person feel warm inside.  They feel great about themselves, and you’ll create a new friendship.  That’s how I made quite a few of my friends.

Doctor Mine Turtle

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