Retirement||Big Thanks to People In My Army Career

It’s been too long since I’ve posted on here. Anyway I just recently retired for good and since I was here in Chaos for most of my army career I’ll post here too.
First if you want to know why I retired, let me just quote what I posted on WN site

Jai is going to kill me for this, but this is something I need to do so that hopefully someone else can step up.

I’ve been out for the past couple of days due to business in school. It’s not really the homework that keeps me from coming on xat, it’s actually the exhaustion. I come home, do homework, eat, then I nap for a couple of hours. And it’s only going to get worse next week. That’s when testing for me starts and I have that for TWO weeks, which finishes up April. Then the month of May is all about exams. So my schedule is so busy and the stress of armies is really something I need to remove from myself. I was planning a retirement in May a while ago. Then when we almost hit 1st on CPAC I was going to retire then. Everything got messed up and I tried to stay here and help but the exhaustion really got to me this week. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever return to armies after this retirement. I was planning a big final retirement this summer, but I think it came early. I know it’s a bad time but I no longer have the free time to attend the events anymore. I’ll never forget what this army gave me. I came back to armies in late 2014 to achieve more than what I did in 2013 – early 2014. WN gave that to me, and I can honestly say I’ve lead an army with a great leadership to at least 5th on CPAC, if you don’t count 4th and 3rd because of the multilogging that’s fine. I know you guys can still get first without me.

Gator ~ Former WN Leader

Orange asked me to do my bios/thank you’s here because technically this is my home army. I’ve been watching you guys ever since I’ve left, so I still love Chaos. On to the friends list/bios/thank you’s/whatever you call these things.

Chaos Family

Orange: My oldest friend from the 2012 days. We’ve gone through bumpy times but in the end I’d say we’re still pretty good friends. Thanks for helping me get all the opportunities I did like in Chaos and Water Ninjas.

Owl: Probably the most underrated leader out there. You were one of the first people I met in Chaos back in April of 2013 and you were sort of a mentor for me along the way to getting Chaos leader. You’re also the closest friend I ever made on here. Definitely talk to me on kik anytime.

Sapper: So unfortunate with the whole coup thing. I hope you have fun back in AR. You were also a mentor for me in Chaos, but more so watching rather than teaching me things. I’ll always remember you as the soul of Chaos.

Unk: Always will be known as the funniest leader in Chaos in my book.

Flame: Glad you came back to Chaos. I know you can return Chaos back to its former glory with the leadership. I know we’ve had differences at one point but that doesn’t change how good of a leader you are.

CR: So much potential. Your devotion to Chaos is incredible. It rivals my devotion to Chaos back in summer of 2013 but probably better than mine. You also became a good friend of mine around the last time I was in Chaos. Thanks for getting me into anime!

Water Ninjas Family
Jai, Bluex, Angel, and Atticus: All of you were so fun to lead with, and I had so much fun for the past couple of months being able to lead WN to 3rd on CPAC with you guys. It’s been a real pleasure. Sorry I had to retire at this moment, but you guys will achieve 1st.

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  1. im gonna miss you!!!! and I told ya you’ll love anime 😀 you’re awesome bro and good luck :3

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