Departure of Hikusaak

CR and the others are probably gonna bash on me for this, but I don’t have a choice anymore.
I’ve been in this army for a good 5 months, and I’ve seen a lot go through during those months, including being caught in the middle of both sides in some PBs and wars. Unfortunately, I need to drop from my position in the Chaos Empire.
Some of you have probably seen my erratic behavior in recent weeks, and my biggest reason that’s understandable is the ridiculous lack of troops in the US division. There’s also my own issues that are literally driving me mad. It’s been fun, but I’m not gonna last very long, anyways.
Two weeks from now, I will completely disappear from Xat, and probably won’t be back for the entire summer, if I even do come back. If I don’t by that point, then I don’t know when I’ll return. For these next two weeks, I’ll be roaming around the other armies before my ultimate disappearance on May 22.
I’d like to thank everyone who supported me on my progress through the ranks and events. I really enjoyed it. I hope that the Chaos Empire thrives during the summer.

Good luck in future events, Chaos!


7 thoughts on “Departure of Hikusaak

    1. I’ve stated this several times. This entire summer is with my father, who doesn’t believe in the internet for whatever reason.
      I may have a one-week leeway to get on during the summer, however, but we can only see what happens.

      1. Yes, the chances of seeing me after the summer are high, of which the first day I can manage to come back to Chaos is around the last day of July due to the school times. There is also what I mentioned to Jayden about being able to come on for about a week and then some when I am on vacation during the middle of the summer. If I manage to appear during then, I’d like to be able to help, though putting me back on Ranks won’t make much of a difference until I truly come back.
        Sorry for leaving, Flame, but this was inevitable, and the extreme silence of the chat and lack of events didn’t help much either. Don’t worry, I’ll be back.

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