The Return


Ok before we start this post I want to just say I will never going to do that again. Anywho, today I will be returning to Chaos to lead. Some of you may know me as Joshua or Apollo. I am returning to lead with CR and Flame due to seeing Chaos in a slump. First thing before I start leading, I want you all to know I will try my best to get Chaos to be dominant again. I can not promise on getting Chaos to any heights yet. If I fail I know Chaos will use my potential and dedication as a way to spark up a dominant reign again. I am here to help Chaos get out of this slump, not to dig a deeper hole. Just to make something clear, we will be training this whole week for the tournament. Looking back at past tournaments, I can say we will use it to our advantage, possibly getting a 20+. Thank you for reading this and welcoming me back into Chaos.

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