Hey Chaos. As you all know by now… I suck at post titles. Don’t judge <3

So here’s what needs to happen in Chaos. For the next few weeks, I need all of my troops to be the best damn troops ever. I expect you all to be on chat every day and check site for upcoming events. Events post will be made tomorrow and I expect to have an event every day next week.
I also want everyone to recruit. We need to show the army community that we are still alive. People doubt this army too much and it’s about time we prove them wrong again. I don’t want to come onto chat every day to see a dead chat. To the troops that have been in Chaos for months… Don’t you remember how the chat was pretty much always alive? Let’s get back to that again. I’m sure we can all agree that it is a lot more fun that way.
Cr and I are currently looking for a third leader. Although I love the current owners, I personally do not believe any of them are ready for the leader role. While we look for this third leader, I’ll take the job of training the current owners to be the amazing leaders I know they can become. This is mainly towards 123go12 since he is the most active owner. All the other owners… Please start being more active.
I know that I make many posts like this and I highly doubt any of you take me seriously. But this time, I have a whole plan for Chaos. We have a little over a month until our 3 year anniversary. So let’s make this month amazing.

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  1. most of us try to be active but there comes a time when u cant get on chat but although u cant or someone didnt come on chat doesnt mean they dont try even to come on but some people need to be more active i agree and btw( i wasnt that active last week due to my laptop was having problems) just to let u know. but its not always about activeness really someone can be on monday wdnesday friday saturday its also about their loyalty etc

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