If you guys aren’t even going to bother try getting Chaos out of this depression, I might as well shut Chaos down now.

7 thoughts on “Really

  1. I’ve been fucking want events but no one is god damn on. I wanted one last night where there were just a few people on but no one wanted it… now i guess it was because it was so out of the blue and people were tired… but WE NEED fucking events guys and I know I know ”cr you can do it yourself” I know I can do it myself but its annoying the fact that no one friggin shows up on chat

    1. we all need to get our shit together… Just please guys anyone whose still in the army… come on chat please.

  2. orange if chaos is gonna go it has to go the right way sure not many people are on or showing up for events but that when the owners/leaders should step in and get people if someone leaves recruit even harder if someone join keep recruiting but if chaos has to go it will go the right way in its own time and if it did go we’d go down proud but shutting it down would only make things worse chaos will stand with the help of others and this is why we have owners and leaders to help an army in this case chaos, chaos will stand proud we shall not be moved if we need to have recruiting sessions we should have them chaos shall not go down without a fight. chaos has nearly died before we overcome it and got more troops and we showed other armies we will not die do you think people would sit back and let chaos go or let u shut it down i don’t think so we have to get out there and recruit CHAOS WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT WE WILL GET BACK UP LIKE BEFORE AND WE WILL HAVE NEW TROOPS AND HAVE PEOPLE ON CHAT WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!

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