Regarding Hack of Dragon's Chat

To the army community, especially Dragons:
The hacking /taking over of Dragons chat was not known by Cr, the leader, or any other Chaos legends prior to the event. Whoever did so did it by their own actions. I do not know who did it, but since the outer background of Dragons chat has the link to Chaos chat, it’s evident he/she did it for Chaos. Therefore, I apologize for the actions of this person. Chaos has a policy against such actions and if this person is a troop in Chaos, they will be punished.


14 thoughts on “Regarding Hack of Dragon's Chat

    1. Yah I know. But when the incident happened, I felt as if people would point their fingers at Chaos because of the whole background change.

  1. We would like to confirm that while the Dragons have died as a result, It was enacted by the Doritos of Club Penguin either by The32op or Elvis

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