Changes in Chaos

Hey Chaos! There’s a few changes I want to make in Chaos so please keep reading for details:

Obviously, Chaos did terrible this past week. I was extremely busy and was unable to attend any of the events. Cr has been busy with camp and Orange is on vacation. So I now expect the owners to take charge of events if a leader isn’t online. In order for that to work, I expect owners and mods to be on chat whenever they are on xat. I understand that sometimes chat is dead and all that… But if you’re on xat you can have Chaos chat open while being on other chats. It isn’t that difficult, right? Keep chat alive before event times. It will take some practice but I need you owners to help me out a bit.
I also want all troops to better about checking site. At least once a day, just check the site to see if there were any important posts. It’s quick and simple and I don’t really ever make long posts like this one. This has always been an issue in Chaos and it’s about time we tried fixing it.
Lastly, I would like to make Chaos more fun. I’ve had quite a few troops tell me that they’re starting to get bored. I want to change this. I remember when we used to play different games and stuff on xat and CP and it was honestly fun. I’ll be scheduling some more fun events from now on.
So in summary…

  1. Owners start leading more events
  2. Mods and Owners have to be on chat whenever they’re on xat
  3. Troops must check site at least once a day
  4. More fun!!!

I want you all to keep in mind that this isn’t just an army. Chaos is a team. A family. We always have been. We have to work together to get this army to greatness. Without you, this army wouldn’t still be alive. Each and every one of you have helped me keep this army alive and I thank you for that. It’s time to put in a little bit more of effort to bring back the Chaos.

PS: Chaos Awards are coming soon! There will be many different categories and you’ll all have the chance to vote in them. Make sure to keep checking site to see if you were nominated for any categories!

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