Chaos Award Voting!

Hey Chaos! It’s time for the Chaos Awards! We haven’t had one of these in a very long time and most troops usually do enjoy them. I encourage each and every one of you to vote and if anyone outside of Chaos would like to vote… Go ahead. Please do not vote more than once and if you do… I have ways of finding out… Anyway… Votes will close August 2 so you have two weeks to vote!

[polldaddy poll=”8993909″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993916″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993928″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993930″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993934″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993945″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993950″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993956″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993942″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993940″]
[polldaddy poll=”8993959″]

Good luck to all the nominees in each and every category and please make sure not to rage if ¬†you don’t win. Keep in mine that this a fun event so have fun!

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