Events for the week 7/28/15 – 8/1/15

Attention Chaos

As all Chaos troops know, we’ve been REALLY inactive. CPAC thought we were dead, so we have been eliminated from the Legend’s Cup. This week changes it all. Chaos is under new leadership. We are capable of rising Chaos out of it inactivity. Chaos will not die.


Training on Snowboard

When? Wednesday, June 29th, 2015

Room? Town

Leading? Zarpa


7:30 pm UK

2:30 pm EST

1:30 pm CST

12:30 pm MST

11:30 pm PST

Cleansing of Winterland

When? Thursday, June 30th, 2015

Room? Snow Forts

Leading? Jonathanitti


6 pm EST

5 pm CST

4 pm MST

3 pm PST

11 pm UK

Training on Great White

When? Friday, June 31st, 2015

Room? Town

Leading? Zarpa


8 pm UK

3 pm EST

2 pm CST

1 pm MST

12 pm PST

Training on Frostbite

When? Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Room? Ice Berg

Leading? Zarpa, Jonathanitti


8:30 pm UK

3:30 pm EST

2:30 pm CST

1:30 pm MST

12:30 pm PST

Comment below if you can make it!

New Leadership ~Jonathanitti and Zarpa

2 thoughts on “Events for the week 7/28/15 – 8/1/15

  1. I’m going to put it out nice and easy now. Sapper has gone too far with the control of Chaos without even being in Chaos. I want to have a meeting with Sapper about this and the demands the legends of Chaos have with this army. ~Mr. Burns

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