I'm Retiring… Again

Hey Chaos. Well I’m gonna make this a short and simple post.
After doing pretty much nothing these few months (or something like that) of leading, I have decided it’s finally time for me to just retire completely. I apologize to all of you for not being able to lead Chaos properly these past few months but I unfortunately completely lost the motivation to do so. Plus I actually started having a life… Sort of.
I’m not gonna make an entire list of people to thank so I’m just gonna say… Thank you to everyone that has made Chaos enjoyable.
BTW… Zar was also fired so… yah.

(yah I know.. I’m not leader anymore but this nameplate is still cool. thanks sap)

8 thoughts on “I'm Retiring… Again

    1. Honestly burns i am so done with your shit. You make yourself seem like some great legend but in reality, the only reason you’re still on the Chaos legends page is because of MOBS. You yourself didn’t make a significant change in chaos and even if you did, i highly doubt that you stopped it from dying multiple times.

      1. Is this perma retirment or are you coming back in a week- 2 months? But thank you for the compliments. I actually spent a lot of my time in this army and care about it and deserve to be recognized.

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