Retirement from Chaos

Well I’m not gonna make a gigantic post, but here ya go.
I returned to Chaos two months ago in hope of bringing this army back up. For the first 3 weeks, we were rising like crazy. I remember thinking that we’d be able to make CPAC in no time. But then then went wrong.
My monitor broke down so I couldn’t come on for like 2-3 weeks. And then after that, I went a vacation for a week. When I finally came back,¬†I lost all my motivation for armies. I also realized this army is gonna go no where if it keeps relying on people like Me and Owl to return constantly to save this army.
I will still come on chat and help out at events, but not that often. It’s time for the new leaders to step up and bring back Chaos to becoming a dominant medium army once again.
So on that note, I’m concluding this post. This is probably gonna be my last time in Chaos since I’m retiring from armies as a whole at the end of the summer. It’s been almost 3 years since I first joined this army and I’m sure as hell gonna miss all the people I’ve met and the¬†memories I’ve made.
Good Luck Chaos. Keep on Fighting.

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