Second Departure

Well…this is unfortunate, now, isn’t it?
As you can see from the title, I’ve made the decision to retire from my position as Chaos Leader. I know several thought I had some potential as a Leader, but in reality, I was basically on the sidelines while 123go12 did the majority of the work. I barely got involved in anything at all…
Before you wonder why I’m leaving, it isn’t because of the members or the army in general. I tried to have fun with them, even if it was just me and one other on. The real reason is because I have been getting problems left and right outside of the internet, especially very recently (Believe me, I’ve tried to hide it). That alone was causing my sluggishness and lack to do anything for the army, for CP, and for just being on the internet in general. I feel like I need to clear my issues first before all else.
I do want to try to come back to Chaos after things are resolved, but if by chance CR or any of the major leaders shut down the site, well…I guess I took the army with me, then.
Chaos, I wish you luck in the future, and hopefully I’ll be able to return someday. Like I said, this is an unfortunate decision, but it must be done.
~~Hikusaak, Former Chaos Leader~~

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