The End of Chaos

Hello Chaos and the rest of the army community. Unfortunately it is time for this once great army to be put at rest. Everyone has been expecting this for many months and we’ve delayed it for way too long.

Chaos has been alive since June 25, 2012. Not once did we officially die. We had weeks of inactivity but we were never officially dead. Three years of one generation is something not many, if any, medium armies have achieved.
Through the past three years, we have reached many great achievements. From being awarded the best army name in 2012 to beating IW in the CPAC Legends Cup in 2013 to being named the best army of summer 2014. We’ve had a good run. I am honestly so damn proud of being in this army and having witnessed it reached these goals.
After over three years, we’ve been slowly dying. I believe it started early 2015 and we kept trying to make it work. There were moments where it seemed as if we could pull ourselves back up but then we’d be falling few days later. There is no one to blame for all of this. The main reason for it was that the “originals” left. Sapper got couped, which I now admit was a bit of a mistake. Orange and I returned quite a few times to help Chaos but we’re both tired of armies.


Well I can’t end the post without having a section of the important figures of Chaos:
Sapper– Obviously… He created Chaos and although he was a bit of an a-hole at times, he was still a great leader. His “war mode” was always very effective and helped us win numerous wars. Even after being couped, he helped Chaos with many events and that just proves how loyal he is.
Orange– He led Chaos numerous times. His loyalty to Chaos is something that this army will forever be thankful for. He’s the type of leader that knew how to have a balance between fun and seriousness.
Dae– His time in Chaos was a bit limited, but he’s remembered as the war-crazy leader. He declared war on four armies within two weeks and managed to lead us to victory.
Wyoskyguy- He led Chaos a few times, too. His ability to make detailed plans helped Chaos get to CPAC sizes. Like Orange, he was a leader that was able to have a balance between fun and seriousness.
The leaders above were the greatest Chaos leaders. Without them, Chaos would have died long ago (well without Sapper it wouldn’t exist…) I had the pleasure of working with all of the former leaders above. All of them were a complete pain at times but played key roles in this army.


Before I conclude this post, I would like to talk two troops. The first is 123go12. He has been a loyal troop in Chaos for a very long time. His enthusiasm and motivation for the army has truly been amazing. For this, I would like to make him the last Chaos Legend.
Second is David.  He hasn’t been in Chaos for very long but his loyalty to the army is like no other. He, too has been incredibly enthusiastic and it has earned him Chaos Dedicated Troop.


Chaos chat can remain a hangout chat for a while. Thank you to everyone that has played a part in this army.

Bye, Chaos. Hopefully… This isn’t the end.

~Owlcity207, Former Chaos Leader~

38 thoughts on “The End of Chaos

  1. Thanks for mentioning me 🙂 I am happy to be a part of Chaos, and if we ever return I will be happy to take my place again.

  2. RIP Chaos
    I was never in this army but I thoroughly enjoyed your “LOL PAGE”. A great army.

  3. unfortunately I left armies when you guys reached your heyday but I feel loyalty and pride in this army. Reminded me of CPGT. I know how sad Orange/Sapper were when CPGT died and couldn’t really be apart of that but you guys picked it up and led Chaos to heights no one would expect some army with a stupid name and chose a ridiculous color for “chaos”. Most importantly, to keep it alive for 3 years without DYING? THAT’S AMAZING. CPGT NEVER DID THAT.
    I’m proud of all that were apart of Chaos.

  4. I do feel part of this was my fault. Chaos was my home army and I grew to love everyone in it and the army itself. It was like family to me. But as time went by this summer, I started to get inactive due to my camp and hanging out with friends. After that, I started to get inactive a lot more for other reasons. Now, Chaos had an amazing run and if we’ve done a lot in the past. We defeated 2 major armies in tournament and I couldn’t be any prouder. You guys were amazing and I will miss this army so much. We’ve been alive for 3 years and didn’t completely die once. That’s great! 123, You were an amazing leader. Even though you were new, you still didn’t give up like the me 2 months ago. You really did deserve legend and I couldn’t be any prouder of you. Thank you so much for everything. This truly has been an amazing and chaotic journey with you all. But all good things must come to an end and sooner or later we all have to say goodbye. I love you all, and once again, thank you.

  5. It’s a shame to see the Chaos closing so soon, I really had hopes for them picking themselves back up. Despite this, you genuinely as an army have had an amazing run this generation; certainly setting your own historical records. I wish all members of the Chaos army, from the Leadership ranks to the Privates, the very best of luck in wherever they go; whether it be into another army or somewhere in real life.

  6. Every year in my family someone I hold dear to my heart dies, I’d never imagine that on my birthday, the single bunch of people who changed my life would leave, I wish all chaos troops, Vets or Regular troops as I used to be, Good luck in all future forecomings, and even though I have had some of my worst to best experiences here with you all, I can’t help shedding 1 tear seeing you let go, Potatoe Pete Guides all those lost, and now takes over the lost soul of chaos with raptor jesus.

  7. Never wished for Chaos to die, however it’s ashes gave rise to a new empire, that will fight for the same values, have the same type of family, and never give up. Such as the Chaos Army. The Army Republic Empire establishes Winterland as the Chaos Monument. I fear Snowboard was claimed by RPF. We shall get it back, by force. 🙂
    This is one of my favorite armies, the army I led for such a long time, fought for it for such a long time, had great moments for such a long time, hell I’m on the verge of tears writing this. The Chaos Army, Rest In Peace. The Army Republic Empire will keep the spirit of Chaos alive.

  8. I greatly appreciate what you have said about me Owl.
    I’m aware that I might have left on a poor note, and burned plenty of bridges, maybe one day I can make it up to you.

    1. It’s alright dude, everything you’ve done benefited Chaos, even those “negative” things you did like taking away your domain. You helped us work harder and get closer. I’m pretty sure everybody who led with you or was an owner under you learned something from you. That’s why your name was mentioned and its why you’re a Chaos Legend.
      Remember the Fallen Autotypers 😉

  9. RIP. Although I was never a troop in Chaos, I had deep feelings for this army and the troops that were in it.

  10. RIP CHAOS. This is the best army that ive ever been in. I made good friends by joining chaos. I remember when sapper recruited me on royale penguins chat. Owl, you were the nicest girl ive met on xat. Oh yea this is my twitter = @FluxuateCS

  11. Owl I bet you dont remember me anymore… but chaos will always be remembered by how bad-ass and notorious we were. – chaos always loved and never forgotten

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