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January 2013- July 2013

This was probably the greatest time period for Chaos. It was a time where we basically messed around and had fun the entire time and still be known as an “evil” army(We were only known as “evil” because of being in 4 wars in 2 weeks xD). You can ask almost anybody in Chaos; they’ll say this was their favorite time period in Chaos history. Anyways, with Chaos passing away, I had to make this post just for good old memories.

For starters, we weren’t really a group of friends. We were a family. We’d make fun of each others a lot, but that’s what you get when you’re that close with your friends. Also, when a random dude from another army would make fun of us, we’d all game up on that mofo. That’s just how things ran here. And here is a small explanation on how this group started.

The family started off with Sapper creating the army and recruiting a few people which included Unk and Epic. In November 2012, Dae joined Chaos and he brought in DMC and Serp. Around this time, sapper recruited Glitch and the Patriots merged into Chaos which brought Owl and Orange over. A couple months later when Chaos was almost dying, Dae was able to recruit Mari into the army which led to Lemon and Kandy joining. Finally, Gator joined Chaos after coming on chat one day to check out the Patriots funeral. The family slowly started dying as the summer of 2013 ended when most people began to retire.

So anyways, it kind of feels like the army was meant to be. We all some how joined and met up in an army called Chaos. An army that most people didn’t take seriously at first because of our name, our color, and the fact that all of us leading were nobodies. Over time, we were able to prove everybody wrong and that Chaos was an army here to stay. We were able to defeat WN, LT, and IW during this 6 month run in 2013.

If people ask how did Chaos live so long. Well it’s simple. The army was kept alive because everybody was determined to keep it alive. But where did we get that determination? Well we got it from all the fun memories we made here. If it weren’t for these fun memories, we wouldn’t have came back every other month to keep this army alive. Keeping the army alive was like keeping the memories alive and nobody ever wants fun the memories to die.

Anyways, I have stalled this post long enough. It’s time to introduce the 14 people that meant most to Chaos in 2013. The people who are apart of the amazing Chaos family.

The 2013 Family

Dae- Funny dude that basically started this squad honestly. He was one of the first people to stick with the army after we all left it and kept Chaos alive through tough times. He was also a pretty crazy leader that basically tried doing whatever he wanted to, which includes going to war with 4 armies in 2 weeks.

DMC- He was a hilarious dude that didn’t care about what he said or who he made fun of. He was also very loyal troop, but his best contribution to Chaos was probably the creation of thechaoslive.wordpress.com . That site basically sums up the amount of fun we had back then.

Orange- He was the one that created the LOL page to save all of our memories. He was known for constantly updating the LOLpage almost every minute. He was also a funny guy and a good leader. We also used to hang out on his chat for most nights.

Owl- She began as a quiet nice person, but over time she changed. She was probably the first victim of the “Chaos effect”. Even though she went against the idea of the lolpage at first, she accepted it over time. We also spent a lot of our time making fun of her.


Sapper – Sapper basically created this squad by creating the army. Making fun of him was normal because he’d always reply with the best and most funny insults. Even though he would be really focused on armies, he was really funny when he was more relaxed.

Unk- Unk was one of the earliest members that joined Chaos. He is most remembered for his train-loving mentality and being the loving uncle of the family. He was also a bit strange at times, but that was his personality. He was one of the first people to leave, but he has always been remembered.

Mari- She was one of the strangest people in Chaos. She wasn’t scared to make fun of anybody. She was also one of the first loyal troops to Chaos. She probably did most of the talking on Chaos chat and usually kept the chat alive with some weird jokes.

Lemon-  She joined pretty late and din’t talk much at first. Over time, she began talking more and more which revealed how crazy she really was. She was mostly funny behind the scenes (In kik chats), but she would say some pretty strange and  unique things.

Kandy– Lemon’s little sister that was pretty crazy. Even though she would make fun of me a lot (In fact, now that I look back that’s probably all she ever did), she was a loyal troop, and she seemed to make everybody in the army laugh.

Epic- He was probably the first person in Chaos that didn’t give a shit about armies. He would say a lot of random shit that made no sense whatsoever, yet somehow we’d all get what he’s saying and laugh along. His happy, outgoing personalty is probably what he’ll be remembered for.

Glitch- One of the first actually loyal troops to the army was glitch, aka pewdie. He was also kinda like Epic, he’d same random shit that made no sense. He was a funny person, but what most of us will remember him for was his hilarious rage after not getting leader.

Sam- Even though she started off as a loyal troop, she was a complete dumbass and the only reason she’s mentioned here because of how stupid she was. Most of the time we’d make fun of how retarded she is. I’m usually the nice one, but her levels of stupidity was beyond unbelievable. Honestly, I am scared for her in real life because of where her dumbass is gonna take her.

Gator- He was the last person to join, but he is still very much apart of the family. At first he didn’t talk much, but once the Chaos effect got to him, he was talking a lot more. He was funny and he was one of the greatest owners of Chaos of all time.

Meow/Satan- When he first joined the army, he was a very funny hilarious dude. He used to make fun of Sapper a lot along with Dae and DMC. He’d also make some pretty crazy and funny jokes. His hilarious and sarcastic attitude is what got him mentioned here.

“I look up to meow as my inspiration for the school shooting I am planning” ~Meow’s quote in Orange’s point of view

“Bitches and hoes are like new clothes, Once you get in ’em, you quickly forget ’em” – Meow/Satan

Looking back at these pictures, it amazes me how fun Chaos used to be even though we weren’t even that big. The crazy thing is stuff like this would happen every single day. I honestly would rather be in this time period than any of those CPAC runs we had because of hos fun this one was. I’ve never been in an army that was as fun as Chaos was, and that’s because of the people I mentioned above. Every time you’d get on chat, you were guaranteed at least a few laughs. It’s hard to even imagine these people all in an army together because most of them are done with armies and the few that are left don’t even come on much.

There are the people that pretty much made Chaos the greatest S/M army of 2013. If it weren’t for these people, we would have let Chaos die a long time ago. After we made these memories, we were determined to not let Chaos die so we tried very hard to keep this army alive as long as we can. I honestly took this experience for granted because I thought having this much fun in armies was normal. Now that I look back on it, I realize how wrong I was. Having this much fun in armies happens rarely.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. Even though most people considered us an “evil” army, we really weren’t. We were just a group of friends having a lot of fun on a game where people take things way too seriously. I’m glad that I got to meet crazy people like these because these are the people that I “wasted” my time with. These are the people that made this army how it is.

But I can’t end this post just yet. A few of us were good at recruiting, but we’d probably fail more than pull in recruits. So let’s take a look at our amazing recruiting skills.

Anyways that’s it for this post. It was nice taking a trip down memory lane, one day maybe we can have a reunion. It does suck that I won’t be able to see most of these people ever again. We did have a legendary run, but all good things do come to an end. Anyways, that’s it for now. I might make a post on 2014 if I ever do get the time to, which was probably the second greatest run of Chaos.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jx7SF65wbs&w=854&h=480]

~Orange – Former Chaos Leader/Legend

(P.S: Did you know this post was 1738 words? I do try my hardest for y’all. Y’all is slang for you all if you didn’t know. It’s a word usually used by most of the southern states, but not Florida. For a southern state, Florida acts really northern. And I was lying before, right now I am at 1677 words but if I keep working hard and pushing I will get to my goal of 1738. This post was brought to you by Unbiased Orange News, Orange GFX, and the Orange foundations. Yes! We did it! 1738 words!)

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