Possible Return

Greetings, everyone.
It’s been about two months since I disappeared completely from CPA history. Today, and through this weekend, I made the decision to start reappearing in the community. Boy, things changed!

A while back, Orange made a return post for March 19th. To be fair, I’ve been in the favor of having the army make its return from the start. Being the last actual Private-to-Leader in the army’s history and having two somewhat incompetent weeks of leadership, it’s only fitting that I should.
However, life events have really been troubling me, what with the summer coming up and all. If I am to join the army on its opening day, I’ll only have less than two months to do anything before the summer and, of course, my inevitable departure.
I’ve been glad that this was my first army, and although I’m not really known throughout CPA history, I’d be willing to give armies another chance despite my setbacks. I’m ready to see this generation become something. I’m not asking to take the hull of the army as a Leader, (although if the Legends allow me, then I can understand) but I’d like to mean something to this army and CPA other than just another fair soldier before I leave it.
Stay chaotic, my friends and fellow soldiers.

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